Myers Family Adventure Update

P1020183The school year has started and our summer adventures are in the rearview window.   I thought an update would be good to close the summer chapter.

The first and most important update is about Alan’s wonderful health report.  Alan had an MRI and PET scan since we returned and the results were completely clean.  The oncologist said that since he has not had a reoccurrence in two years, the odds of having the melanoma return are only 5%!  The other wonderful part of the results is that the small, dead lesion in his brain has dissolved!  The neurosurgeon said this is very unusual – most people have the dead tissue sitting in their bodies after the radiation treatment.   We give the credit to the Indian cleanse plus the focused meditation Alan did for many days, where he saw the lesion leaving his brain.  It worked!

Returning to our life back in the US has been slow for me.  My hormones have been challenged and it has taken me weeks to feel energetic.  They say that it takes the body a few months to process the cleanse because it is so intense.  It has been fascinating; I felt so much better in India.  Of course there is no stress there – no work or kids to manage, healthy meals are prepared and the only thing you need to pay attention to is when you have to see the doctor and get to the treatment center.  I admit that I think longingly of my restful days in India now that my schedule is once again busy and constant.

The kids had great adventures at camp and are now back in the full swing of school.  So far, they have been in school one week but both are very pleased with their schools, teachers and being back with their pals.  I am thrilled to have my work day back without kid management interruptions.

The next adventure chapter on the home front is about rowing.  The boat on the carJacob is rowing with a gym team and doing lots of early morning and weekend workouts in the gym and on the water.  Plus the boys are enjoying the two man scull (row boat) that Alan bought.  We  visited Alan’s mother for Labor Day weekend with the boat and dog, Ricki in tow.   Jacob has named the boat, White Lightening.  They flipped over in the lake from all the motor boat waves.  They were full of laughter in the telling of the tale.

Here are some photos from fun on the lakefront.  Grandma Rose Mary is a great sport and of course, tried the new row boat as well!  Seems I took all the photos, so I no shots of me.

P1020195row boat in front of houseAlan-Jacob working on the boatJacob on tubeSarah on jetskiAlan, Jacob and SarahP1020197

Sarah’s big adventure this year includes getting ready for her Bat Mitzvah this coming spring.  She will soon start studying weekly; wedged in between her many dance classes!

We are thankful that everyone had a wonderful summer full of adventures.  Alan and I love the opportunity to go to India and have time off the grid.  We realize what a gift the time away has been for our relationship, as well as our physical and mental health.  We appreciate all the support and comments from our wonderful friends and family! We are planning to return to India again next year and would welcome anyone who wants to join us!

This week we are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  We always like the pattern of looking back with gratitude and thinking about our goals and intentions for the coming year.

We wish everyone a healthy, happy New Year!

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5 Responses to Myers Family Adventure Update

  1. Fran says:

    What a great recap to a fantastic summer! Hoping your holidays are happy and healthy …forever and ever – Fran

  2. Rose Mary says:

    great blog just got around to reading it this am. Had lots of fun reading it.

  3. sumit says:

    It was a great read. I have been a patient a doctor Raju for past 15 days only and I have noticed big improvement in my health and I am planning to take Panchkarma treatment in his Hyderabad clinic. I hope to receive similar benefits as you did.

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