Being Present AND Looking Forward – Alan

LookingI am in a bit of a struggle this week. I leave India in less than 3 days and want to savor the relaxation, the healing energy, and friends here. Yet, I am pulled towards looking forward to my departure and what awaits back in America.  My thought for this post is to state “out-loud” those things I am looking forward to, so that I can focus and maximize the benefits of being here at the clinic in the present moment.

  • Family – Jacob and Sarah left for camp the middle of June. Susan left India for Chicago on August 1st. When I arrive in Chicago on the 11th everyone will be back together and I am looking forward to being with them! I will see my mother and go to a family reunion later in August. Sarah has her Bat-Mitzvah in April so there will need to be plenty of preparation and planning for that.
  • Our Home – Having been either in a hotel, on the trail, or here at the clinic for the last month, I miss the comfort of our home.
  • My Work – My focus at work needs to shift more towards our historical products. We are preparing to reengineer our update processes in this area and I need to help drive that project. In the interim, we need to boost the performance of that team with training and engaging them in how we can make the existing processes better. This will be a good challenge for the coming year.
  • Exercise – While I was certainly exercising during the trek, these last few weeks at the clinic have been focused on the treatments with the extent of exercise being the 3 block walk back and forth to the treatment center! Before leaving for India I was rowing with our club and working out in the mornings. I look forward to getting back to that. Also, Sarah needs a new bicycle and she had the experience of a 3 day bicycle trip while at camp. So….perhaps there are a few family bike rides in our future!
  • Friends – I want to reconnect with friends and see what they have been up to over the summer.
  • Learning – With the importance of the projects at work I am thinking I would like to take a couple of courses this year either at UC or maybe IIT.  I want something that will relate to the current technologies for the type of systems we will be developing . It has been quite a while since I have taken any courses and the technologies have taken quantum leaps. I need to catch up!
  • Living In the Present –  During the last year I have gradually stopped looking over my shoulder at that major bump in the road I experienced called melanoma. I am in better shape both physically and mentally.  With all of the things I have outlined above I will need to be grounded and present!

What are you looking forward to over the next year?

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8 Responses to Being Present AND Looking Forward – Alan

  1. Jean Tobias says:

    What a beautiful and touching description of your life, Alan. So much to be grateful for!
    I wish you deep healing and full participation in your treatments!
    Blessings and love,

  2. Rose Mary says:

    please relax and enjoy the last few days as it will be an adjustment soon. But until then put that on the back burner and r-e-l-a-x and let the mind be at peace.
    love to you and safe trip mom

  3. Susie says:

    What a brilliant exercise of writing down future hopes so you can be present the last couple of days. Bravo.
    So fortunate to have walked along side your India adventures via your posts!
    Congrats and safe travels.

  4. Linda M. says:

    Hi Alan. Have a safe and uneventful trip home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and interesting adventures. Linda

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