Clinic Update

P1020094I am beginning my 4th and final week at the clinic.  The days have melted into a haze and we have slowed down considerably.  Dr. Krishna has asked both of us to stay longer and we have been able to extend our plans, Alan by a full week and me by three days.

This is a photo of the building in which we are staying, the dining room is on the first floor and there are sleeping rooms on the next three floors.  P1020119Alan and I have separate bedrooms on the second floor next to each other, which works really well.  Alan has internet access in his room, so we end up hanging in there in the afternoons.  This is a photo of my room.

Girls with candyThere are several neat women guests and we call ourselves an Indian sorority.  This photo was taken early in the trip in the dining room.  We are having a big time enjoying some candy from Pulla Reddy, a shop in town where they make amazing candy out of ghee, clarified butter.  It sounds strange, but they are delicious and I hope to get there to buy some gifts to take home.  And of course, the candy is not on the food plan, which made it all the more fun!


Many of the street dogs bark throughout the night and are a noisy pain.  Kim’s room is on the front of the dining building.  The other night when the dogs were quite loud at 3AM, in a fit of anger she ran down the stairs and into the street to tell them to be quiet!  Not sure it did the trick.

Then the next night just before dinner, she was walking the eight blocks back to the building after getting the banana treatment from the doctor’s house, two dogs attacked her in the street.  And just as fast as the dogs attacked, a man flew out of one of the buildings with a plastic chair to attack the dogs in defense of her.  Then he began throwing rocks at the dogs.  She said it was frightening. When she reported the incidents to the Dr. K in the morning, he said, “Do you think the ones you yelled at, got you back!” with a twinkle in his eye?  The next day she thought she spotted the attacking dog with a muzzle on his snout!

Today when I was walked the couple of blocks to the center for my treatment; a cow was sitting quite comfortably in a small street, while a taxis driver tried to get it to move.  I was so bummed I didn’t have a camera on me, it was quite a sight.  Then when I was returning from the treatment, the cow had moved a few streets and was contently eating garbage with a stray dog on the road.  Another photo op missed!

There is a dog curled up in the business center where we get the treatments day after day. P1020150I have assumed the dog is sick and dying, it seems so sad and not well.  I look for it every day, concerned it has passed, but there it is in a new spot each day.  Sometimes another dog visits with a questioning look on its face.   Today I thought hopefully, maybe it is pregnant and is just hanging.  Need our good friend, Jamie Roth, who breeds dogs to make the call.  I am tempted to feed it, but we have been told explicitly not to feed the dogs.


Alan went to a temple tonight for an overnight with Andrew, as recommended by the doctor.  The purpose of the trip is to have his head shaved and to attend a couple of early morning pujas (spiritual service).  P1020153The shaved head will be better for upcoming treatments which involve wrapping his head with dough and a cylinder and then filling the cylinder with warm oil.  Here is a “before” photo.  Alan has promised photos and a blog update on the trip.

I have completed the week of bastis (enemas) and I sure feel lighter in many ways.  Here is a photo of Sunitha (left) and Vasumathi (right) in my room to deliver what they call the big basti.  You can see it if a lot of liquid.  Luckily the big one is only given three times and there are two smaller ones given the day before and after!P1020149

I have also completed three days of the banana treatment.  The treatment balances your hormones and made me quite emotional and teary.  As I laid on the table this morning, having hot water with medicine poured all over me by two techs, I felt a profound sense of the deep love my parents felt for me and tears leaked from my eyes.  And just at the moment, Sunthia came to wipe the oils from my face to apply the daily “face pack” P1020120for ladies skin.  She was tender and sweet, it was quite lovely.  Here is a photo my face after a morning of oily treatments including the lovely “face pack”.

Tomorrow I start a week of the thyroid treatment, where I will eat only rice with some rotating herbs for 18 meals.  I will not take my thyroid med for the first two days and then potentially go to lower dose with the goal of jumpstarting my gland.  I know it will not be easy and pray it will have a positive impact!

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4 Responses to Clinic Update

  1. Lori Kleiman says:

    Sounds like you have really adjusted. It’s nice for you and Alan to have a slow, grounded place to be for a few weeks each year!

  2. You are amazing! So open minded, curious, willing and adventurous! I am hopeful that this round of treatments has amazing results! Love to you and Alan and and can’t wait to see you both!

  3. Jean Tobias says:

    I love reading your blogs, Susan. (and Alan too). I am sending you both good healing energy and to you Susan for the thyroid treatment. I have been going through a health issue of my own but it seems to be getting resolved. You guys are so courageous to be doing these treatments and living in India. It all sounds like quite a mix of challenges and deep joy and healing.
    Blessings and love to you, Jean

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