Alan’s Arrival – Susan

Alan was scheduled for three flights on India’s Jet Airways to fly from Leh in the north to Hyderabad in central India on Tuesday, the 16th.  I rode out to the airport to meet him with the Senior Dr. Raju as he was flying back to the clinic in Delhi.  Getting to ride with him was an unexpected treat. Dr. Raju is 60 and has a very youthful energy and delights in everything. The conversation was a gift for me.

P1020130When we (Murty and me) arrived at the airport’s waiting area, there was an Indian movie being shot, complete with an Indian movie star.  I snapped a quick photo before being told, “No photos, Madame” by the uniformed guards that are all over the airport.

Alan arrived looking a bit sun soaked and tired, yet healthy and happy from his adventure. P1020132Murty, the driver is in the photo with Alan. As we road through the streets, Alan tried to recognize familiar streets from his previous visits.  I smiled that I was the comfortable one with the rhythm of the clinic’s daily patterns. This was certainly a 180 from our arrival last year, when I was so uncomfortable and he was the old hand at how the place operates.

Seeing the Doctor

P1020140We saw Dr. Krishna together for our pulse readings the following morning.  Alan updated him on his health and showed him all his recent medical reports.  Dr. Raju suggested some new herbs to be taken daily throughout the year to ensure his continued good health.  The doctor was not happy to hear that Alan planned to only stay for 15 days of treatments.  He encouraged him to change his return plans, so he could have 23 days to have all the various treatments he felt he needed.  We will see if that can be worked out between the airlines and his office.

Update from Camp

Jacob left last week for the 21 day canoe trip and this is a photo of the group at trip departure.  Jacob looks so huge to us!  Jacob 21 day departureHe is the third from the left, in the red shorts. Camp reports he is one of the stronger kids on the trip and is loving the experience.  Sarah is having a blast and the counselors report that she keeps the cabin in laughter much of the time, teaches them her songs from the play and is enjoying wind-surfing. She did write last week with what sounded like a bit of homesickness, which is always hard to hear when you are half a globe away!  Camp reports that it has passed and she is in good spirits, enjoying the second session of camp.

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2 Responses to Alan’s Arrival – Susan

  1. Elaine says:

    Susan, I read all your entries and look foward to the next episodes. I loved your Gratitude best of all. There are so many levels to this experience–the treatments, the adventures outside of the clinic into the town, what’s going on with your body and emotions, and sense of accomplishment of functioning in a culture so different from ours. Congratulations, Brave Soul, and Sail On.

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