Treatment Update – Susan

My original motivation for coming to the Raju family clinic was to cure an autoimmune thyroid issue.  I am back for year 2, based on a positive first treatment last year.  I have come to realize this may take several years.  Honestly, I am so impressed with the benefits to my well-being in two weeks here I am open to future visits, even with how overwhelming I find life in India.  Yesterday we had a lecture by Dr. Raju, Senior on benefits of the ayurvedic approach.  I learned more about their daily herbal practices that will make a big difference in my healing and that I will be embracing at home this year.

I have been doing the basic treatments for about two weeks, which include taking herbs upon waking, also before the simple meals and daily massage type treatments with oil and herbs.  I am definitely slowing down and feel calmer, and am losing my American speed that I normally feel throughout daily life.

Thyroid Prep
I went to have an ultrasound on my thyroid gland to ensure all is well before we started the thyroid treatment.  Once again, Murity came to get me.  As we drove through the congested streets, I thought of myself as a character in a movie where I was the American or European protagonist living in a foreign land.  I respect the local traditions and am respected by the locals even though I am from a different land; and I was given some extra help to understand how to navigate this world. I am ever so thankful for that extra help!

P1020113Murity showed me into the ultrasound office, which looked just as a previous guest had described to me last year. The scan was completed quickly and the doctor and her assistant were kind and spoke English.  P1020111The doctor said everything looked fine including that the gland was a bit sunken. She said she expected that it was previously enlarged, which was true some years ago.  The bill for the scan was 700 rupees or about $11.  No insurance required and I was given the scan photos and a positive report.   Done and out in 20 minutes.  American healthcare could learn a thing or two from the Indian medical system!

Next, a tech came to the clinic to do a blood test to ensure all was good; it was fine.  To give me the results, Dr. Khrisna logged in to my iPad and downloaded them.  Very cool!  I was able to forward them to my US doctor with a few clicks, and she sent her comments back within a day.  India is such an interesting contrast of its old customs and the benefits of modern technology.

An Outing
I wanted to go out and have a good meal before I started the days of rice meals and the doctor said it was fine.  I went to a 5-star hotel called, Taj Krishna Hotel with another guest for a good lunch. Firdaus_S[2]The hotel and restaurant were beautiful and a huge treat for me to go out in the world.  I thought I ordered simply, however half way through the meal I was not feeling well and spent the balance of the time in the restroom.  At one point, I thought I would have to get a hotel room, thinking the one-hour ride back to the clinic would be too much.  I was able to rally and we were driven over to a large mall where we had promised to meet Natalie, one of the Australian guests.

The mall looks like an American one, an open mall filled with Indian stores, including a food court and Subway.  We headed to the top floor and went to a spa for a one-hour reflexology foot massage.  P1020128The spa was dark and quiet, except for the movie theater playing through the wall.  The foot massage was intense, almost painful, yet I still was able to have a good nap for a bit of it.  The ride back was quite something, with Friday night traffic overflowing through the streets.  I was so happy to return to the quiet of my clinic room after the crazy afternoon.  I did well up with tears the next morning when telling the doctor about how overwhelmed I felt by the city streets.

A Change in Direction
All treatment decisions are made based on your daily pulse reading.  I was ready to begin the week-long thyroid treatment on Sunday, which would include 18 meals of rice only with different herbs, and a special herbal paste applied to my neck.  When I had my pulse read that morning, the doctor said I wasn’t ready for the treatment.  I understood, I was quite tired.  Instead I would be given the week of bastis (enemas) to help release the toxins and allow my system to become stronger for the thyroid treatment. He just changed the order of the treatments to fit my system needs. Last night I had the first basti, a small oil one and interestingly, I had the best sleep since I arrived almost two weeks ago.  Today I will have two more, after lunch and dinner.  They mean business on clearing out the toxins!

Update on Alan
Alan has returned to his hotel after a fabulous trekking trip.  I got to have a quick chat with him today and he raved about his trip.  He will be flying down to southern India tomorrow and will arrive at the clinic in the afternoon.  He will post some blogs and photos soon, so we can get a sense of his adventure.

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12 Responses to Treatment Update – Susan

  1. Nancy Shaw says:

    Love your description of feeling like you are in a movie. That is how I picture your navigating, as well! Thank you for the update on Alan. I have been waiting for that… 🙂

  2. Beautiful picture – the complexity of YOU shows through as much as the wonderful complexity of India. Thank you!

  3. Colleen says:

    I am envious and so impressed with how you have adapted and embraced. I can’t wait to read your next post!

  4. says:

    Not sure about the week of bastis? Might make you more tired?? To bad about the meal not agreeing and it was a lovely room. Glad Alan is back and had a great time. Can’t wait to hear about it. love you

  5. Fran says:

    It is amazing the impact that these weeks of treatment have on you. It is heartwarming to read about your relationship with Alan. Happy family!

  6. karen craven says:

    Best to you and Alan with your latest India trip! We just returned from three weeks in the UK. It was a wonderful trip. Let’s catch up when you return!


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