Gratitude – Susan

Reasons I am grateful for Christopher Alan Myers:

  1. He loves unconditionally and teaches it each day.
  2. He is a wonderful husband, father, son and in-law.
  3. He enjoys helping the kids with their schoolwork and projects.
  4. He makes me laugh at the most unexpected times
  5. He makes everything we do better.
  6. He brings interesting projects to our lives, like Ricki (the dog), the ducks and now a rowing boat.
  7. I feel his love deeply when we are not together and it always makes me smile contently.
  8. Even when I am mad at him, I am happier and calmer when he comes home.
  9. He reads the web extensively on many subjects and never shows off.
  10. I enjoy Judaism more because of his commitment to it.
  11. He is patient and kind when I don’t feel well.
  12. I am healthier because I live with him.
CAM, taken 8/24/12

CAM, taken 8/24/12

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7 Responses to Gratitude – Susan

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Love your GRATITUDE posting, Susan!

  2. Nancy Shaw says:

    Very nice reflection. Such a gift to have this time to be pensive and allow yourself to simmer in gratitude. Have you heard anything post-trek?

    • alanm1145 says:

      Nancy, I did hear a few highlights yesterday and it sounded like a very challenging trek, which Alan adored. They had to zip line in over a river for him to catch up with the trip! One night the altitude was so high, he couldn’t sleep due to air and cold. There were many long days on the trail He was so pleased to have done the trip!

  3. Are you near Hyberabad? My good friend Manju (with whom I work) highly recommends this place for food – . More later! Love catching up with you. I forwarded your blog to 3 of my Indian buddies – Mohan, Manju and Jaideep.

    • alanm1145 says:

      I am in Hyderabad, in an area called Sahara Estates. Love that you are sharing with your pals. I hope to go out again for lunch before leaving, will check out the recommendation. Thanks.

  4. What a wonderful post about Alan! I am so glad you have him, too – thanks to that I have a wonderful friend in Alan as well as with you! GREAT post!

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