Myers Family Summer Adventures

images-1Alan and I are heading back to India this summer for more adventure and healing treatments at the clinic in Hyderabad, India.  I left on July 1 and will be spending a full 28 days at the Raju Family Clinic based on the doctor’s recommendation when I left last summer.  Alan will be leaving on Wednesday, July 3 – his time at the clinic will only be two weeks this summer.  He is travelling to the northern part of the country first to do an organized trek.  He has promised to take many photos and will be blogging his experience, probably after the hiking trip, depending on Wi-Fi access.

The best news from the year is that Alan is very healthy; as they say in the cancer world, he is NED – has “no evidence of disease.”  We are so thankful and appreciate his good health on a daily basis.  There is nothing like a health scare to make you realize what you have and stop sweating the small stuff.

This past April we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and we are so much more connected than when we married.  We don’t spend lots of time thinking or worrying about the melanoma. Alan is very mindful of his well-being.  He continues to meditate often and follows a vegan diet, although he is more relaxed with an occasional sweet.  I am most thankful when I watch him with the kids as they move through new chapters of their lives.

The kids are off on their own adventures with new chapters as well. Sarah is spending the summer at Camp Thunderbird in Northern Minnesota, and already reporting a wonderful time.  She is in the play, riding horses, dancing and learning to wind surf!  Jacob is also at Camp Thunderbird, the highlight for him is a 21-day Canadian canoe trip with some shorter conditioning prep trips including a three day white water school.

Given the variety of adventures we are having, I think most people would choose the camp over the cleansing!  No matter, everyone is excited about their plans.

Many of my friends were very surprised I am returning to the clinic after some of the intense reactions I experienced last year.  The benefits far outweigh the challenges.  The best news is I significantly reduced the amount of thyroid medication I take each day.  My overall well-being is much better and I believe it can be even better.  Last year when I arrived at the clinic, Dr. Raju said I should plan on three visits to deal with my autoimmune thyroid disease.  And I figure after having it for over 25 years, three years seems reasonable.  Actually Alan and I love doing the cleanse, and think in future years when we don’t need the medically oriented cleanse, we could go to Kerala on the Southern Indian coast, where they have beachy resorts that do this type of cleanse for fun.  Supposed to be wonderful, if anyone is game to join us!

I am looking forward to what the doctor says when he listens to my pulse when I get to the Clinic.  More on that front as it unfolds.

Thanks for traveling with us again.  We absolutely love getting comments and emails from family and friends.  The support and interest is wonderful when we are so far from home.  And the benefit of technology certainly makes the globe feel so much smaller.

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18 Responses to Myers Family Summer Adventures

  1. LIsa HP says:

    Bon voyage Susan & Alan!

  2. Colleen says:

    Susan — I am glad you are posting. It is sooo interesting to follow your adventure. I hope it is even more fulfilling than last time. Warm wishes from the glorious USA!

  3. Nora says:

    Have a great trip! I’m glad to her about everyone’s adventures this summer.

  4. karlinsloan says:

    Lots of love on your journey – can’t wait to hear more about the adventure!

  5. Marcy Kamen says:

    We are at the dude ranch and saw a Bear today. 5 hours in the saddle in the glorious Rockies. Have a tremendous experience! I always say, “you have one life, live it!” Lots of love from afar.
    Marcy, Chuck, Lucas and Lily
    Please get me some medical contacts in India. As you know, I love the blend of eastern and western medicine. Lots of Love

    • alanm1145 says:

      Marcy, I will send you Dr. Raju’s info. Their family has been practicing ancient Indian medicine for many, many generations. Enjoy the Dude Ranch and Africa!

  6. Cathie Gray says:

    Hope you both made it there safely. Looking forward to following the adventures!! xo cap

  7. Nancy Shaw says:

    Love the positive outlook! Keep us in mind for future beachy resort cleanse. More our style! Stay in touch.

  8. Pat White says:

    Hopefully, you will experience a familiar, yet totally different experience this year as you are in such a different place now. I’ll think of you often and wish you a peaceful two weeks focused just on yourself. Hugs, Pat

  9. I’m so proud of your adventursome spirit and your love of Alan and your family comes beaming through! How blessed I am to count you all as my friends – each of you so deep and delightful. Safe travels, my friend!

  10. Mary Jo says:

    Great to hear about the plans! Many blessings on your journey!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    You’re frequently on my mind, always in my heart! And just today, another friend, colleague and mentor Pamela Slim spoke about Kolbe .. and you are my *go to* woman for that!

    I love that you are in India again .. actually, I just love you!

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